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Skin is a short solo show choreographed and performed by Upswing’s Artistic Director, Vicki Amedume.

It is a lyrical and sensual performance, combining fluid and dynamic aerial skills with strong characterization. Skin is a playful look at the stereotypes of strength and femininity.

Skin was performed at Watch This Space 2011, and Stratford Circus in May 2011


Weaving dance, aerial, circus and animation with African spirituality and a modern narrative, Fallen creates a dynamic and poetic portrait of the resilience of the human spirit.  Fallen follows a woman who arrives alone in a foreign land and is held in a place of detention; a transitional place both physically and emotionally.   As she attempts to reconcile herself with her new situation, her grief pours out of her drawing her into a fantasy where she is reunited with all she has lost.

Fallen was presented as a work in progress during Musical Futures at Greenwich Dance Agency Presented in association with Albany Theatre, Jacksons Lane, London International Mime Festival and Norden Farm, Maidenhead.


From Here

Upswing presented From Here... commissioned by the Mayor of London’s Liberty Festival at Trafalgar Square on Saturday 5 September 2009.

A simple line is drawn from the ground into the air. A woman stands before the pole at a turning point. Is it an obstacle or an escape route? How can she move on from here, how can she put all the pieces back together?

From here… was performed by Rowena Deletante and choreographed by Vicki Amedume. It was Rowena’s first performance on the Chinese pole since an accident in 2006 halted her training. The piece explores her redefined abilities by subverting traditional techniques and mixing them with dance and actor movement to create a unique style.

The performance ws part of Liberty, a festival celebrating the achievements of disabled artists.



This piece was commissioned by Greenwich + Docklands Festival in 2005 for Greenwich + Docklands Wisdom of Africa event.

Voices takes a tongue in cheek look at the stereotypical image of the strong African woman. The show was created as a family event, incorporating aerial dance and live music. It toured extensively to venues and outdoor festivals including the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival, The Utrecht Festival and in the United States.


Wrapped Up

wrapped up was commissioned by the London Mela in 2006. It was a collaboration with Simmy Gupta of Nutkhut mixing traditional kathak dance with contemporary aerial dance. It was performed at the London Mela and the Mayor of London’s Trafalgar Square Festival.


Everyone’s London

In September 2006, to celebrate London’s Olympic bid success, Upswing’s aerial performers made history as they descended Nelson’s Column, unveiling a 300ft silk banner of the London 2012 logo as they went. 


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