Programming MENAGERIE - Upswing

MenagerieMENAGERIE is an evening that showcases a triple bill of the best new circus shows in development by established and emerging companies. Expect everything from the surreal to the sublime from some of the boldest and most innovative circus around.

In December 2013 Upswing curated an eclectic evening showcasing performances by Acrojou, Ilmatila and Collectif and Then.

Acrojou, (pictured) performed Lifted, a stunningly choreographed acrobatics duet in which the performers move together on a 2 metre diameter steel wheel in a dynamic and uplifting exploration of trust, flight and weightlessness. Lifted premiered to a national audience on CBBC, then went on to wow thousand-strong crowds in the 2012 Olympic Torch relay.

Award-winning circus duo and Roundhouse Associates,  Collectif and Then performed The Greatest Show on Earth. A physical comedy floor show featuring 100 Cuban acrobats, a pack of wild lions, the finest horses, the most beautiful women…but there’s a problem; none of the cast show up and they are left with just the two of them. But the show must go on and with the audience’s help a circus extravaganza unfolds!

‘One of Britain’s most exciting dance and circus companies… a stunningly inventive performance combining German Wheel acrobatics with contemporary movement and sharp design.’

Greenwich and Docklands International Festival on Acrojou

‘Aerial feats and breath-taking acrobatic tricks’

ABC News, USA on Acrojou’s The Wheel House