Aerial Equipment for hire

Upswing has hired all types of aerial equipment to many companies including MTV, HG Event Production, Cameron Mackintosh Productions, The Royal Exchange Theatre and  New Vic Theatre.

We have the following aerial equipment available for hire and if you need, the circus artists, for your event or show.

Circus Equipment

We have all of the basic aerial circus equipment that you might need for your event, workshop or rehearsal. We have an abundance of ropes, harnesses, hoops, bungees, crash mats and silks available for hire.

In addition to this we have a specially built aerial rig and unique aerial apparatus available for hire, including the following:

Free Standing Aerial Rig

We have two freestanding rigs available for hire that will enable you to stage aerial work in almost any space. Once erected, indoor or outdoor, it will enable aerial circus shows and workshops to happen without the need for any additional equipment or building requirements therefore providing the ability to bring circus to any event.

The Bell

The Bell is a unique piece of aerial apparatus that can hold up to three aerialists at once and resembles a giant bell that is perfect for Christmas performances and for unique spectacular events.

The Globe

The Globe is a versatile piece of aerial apparatus of approximately 2m x 1.8m that can be suspended from a crane or ceiling, with up to 3 people climbing on / hanging from it. It featured at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 where they programmed aerialists and celebrities to perform on it as part of the sensational celebrations.

Sun Ray

The Sun Ray is an impressive decorative structure that can be rigged from a building or crane with an aerial performer and pyrotechnics added for performance and theatrical effect. The structure will add a spectacular and visually exciting element to any event.

To find out more about any of our available equipment please get in contact.





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