Consultancy Musicals - Upswing


Upswing are currently working with The Royal Exchange to deliver aerial design and choreography for Matthew Xia’s debut production as Associate Artistic Director.

An enchanting musical masterpiece, filled to the brim with a feast of fabled characters. Matthew brings to the stage a contemporary vision of Sondheim’s multiple Tony Award-winning show (the show opened on the 4th Dec. 2015)

“This truly sublime musical explores the relationship between parents and children; desire; greed and how a community reacts to catastrophe. I’m interested in our contemporary connection to this enchanted woodland. I’ve assembled a world-class team and we’re inviting you into a magical forest, right here – in the middle of Manchester.”  Matthew Xia



Working as Circus Consultant for this Cameron Mackintosh production, Vicki trained the performers that appear throughout the show in aerial and circus skills. She worked closely with co-choreographers Liam Steel and Andrew Wright to ensure that circus became part of the fluid physical language used in the production.

“It has been an extraordinary experience working with the epic talents that are Timothy Sheader, Liam Steele and Andrew Wright to help bring their vision of Barnum to life. The cast were also hugely determined and hardworking, many of them had never even climbed a rope before the auditions and are now flying, spinning and swinging about the stage like pro’s not to mention singing whilst doing it. A special mention has to go to Christopher Fitzgerald who plays Barnum. Chris was a tight wire novice and had just 6 weeks under my tuition to master the skill for the iconic moment that brings the first half of the show to its conclusion.”

The show previewed at Chichester Festival Theatre in July 2013.


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