About Our Vision - Upswing

Upswing’s vision is a better world, forged by the fearless imagination of circus.

We believe that, in our fragmented society, circus reveals our human potential to achieve the extraordinary, together.

We exist to drive change, to create restless performance that asks more; of the circus art form, of its artists and its audiences.

Contemporary circus is an art form like no other – fearless, precarious, uncompromising and affecting. With its unique combination of risk-taking, trust and collaboration, circus embodies our extraordinary individual and collective potential.

By harnessing circus’ emotional breadth, broad appeal and physical possibilities and by fusing aerial, bungee, parkour, theatre, dance, text and multimedia, Upswing creates fresh, exhilarating performances with narrative punch.

Our passion for Circus, combined with our values of excellence, innovation and inclusion, informs our aims and underpins our work.

Our aims:

  • Driving change – to lead by example and re-define what circus can be;
  • Great experiences – to create exciting, restless performance for both adults and children;
  • Unexpected places – to create experiences where people live, learn, work and play, in the streets and public buildings, in places where contemporary circus might not be happening, as well as theatres and venues, through national and international touring;
  • Future audiences – to attract new audiences, by harnessing the broad appeal of circus in new and surprising ways through the forms we choose, themes we explore, and the platforms we use;
  • Nurturing creativity – to embed creative engagement throughout our programme giving participants from all backgrounds, of all ages and abilities opportunities to discover, learn and play;
  • Developing talent – to provide high-quality artist development and training for emerging and mid career artists, whatever their backgrounds;
  • Growing ethically – to be sustainable by making the right choices, building strategic partnerships and developing a resilient business model.