About - Upswing

Upswing came into life in 2004 when Vicki Amedume founded the company to expand her solo work as an aerialist and choreographer. She yearned to explore the potential of circus to tell stories relevant to our society and develop her directorial skills, working with other practitioners and make work that had a broader cultural resonance.

Since its inception, Upswing has developed a substantial reputation in the world of circus and aerial theatre. It has gained a foothold in touring networks, festivals, events and the commercial sector with its unique combination of highly physical work that profiled Vicki Amedume‚Äôs cultural perspective with her interest in narrative, story and journey. Word of the company’s expertise and professionalism has spread to the worlds of traditional theatre and musical productions where our consultancy services are regularly thought after.

A self funded enterprise at first; the company recruited and grew to become a regularly funded client of Arts Council England (ACE) in April 2008, and was made a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) from April 2012.

The company was registered as a Limited Company in 2010 and as a Charity in October 2012.

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